Hey Hey,

I know we've got a lot of Southern Ontario/Michigan members, so I thought I'd throw this out. I've got some friends coming into town, and I need to relax so I've spread the word to everyone down here.. and we're going to go out as a big group and have a huge drinking fest. We'll might be starting here with a shooter party... Everyone brings a mickey or a 26er and we've got 2 recipes books of shooters, we start at one end and make everyone possible until we run outta booze. Then we're looking to hit up the bars, maybe feel a small karaoke bar one night, and party downtown at a pub the other night. Anyone that' s of age (that's 19 here in Ont)... is welcome to come down and join us, regardless of how many people show up (if any at all)... I'll make sure we've got accomodations for all of ya.