Whoops, wrong forum. Sorry.

Anyway, I am a mac user, interested in security. I am learning how to use all the real tools like ettercap, ethereal, nmap and kismac to do various things with.

I somehow had the intelligence to start out on these rather than use skript kiddie tools - I think I skipped that entire stage.

This hopefully seems like a decent forum to be signed up to - it's not overpopulated by skript kiddies like Macintosh Underground is - most of the threads seem to be asking about cracking passwords with John The Ripper... maybe even the odd thread where someone actually posts their entire post in l33t, thinking that that's the way real hackers speak...

Anyway, I have a very strong dislike for Microsoft - any of their software fails me when I need it most, like Word exploding, Windows being stupid, and various lameness.

I've switched a few people over to linux. One decided to go back because his skript kiddie tools wouldnt work in Linux. I told him to get new tools. He's obviously too stupid to use it anyway.

The others are still there.