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Thread: PCI and others cards

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    PCI and others cards


    I need to find some solution for hardware analys.
    How can I test if t.ex. PCI card is broken
    Exist some slots for PCI/AGP that can be used as USB slot?

    I got one PC that is strange broken, it was explosion inside of computer.

    I need to find if other cards is health, but I am afraid to put them in one new health PC, cuz in broken PC motherboard is broken and powersupply not working.

    CD's and HD's I could test with IDE ot USB device.
    How can I test other without taken big risks for crash of PC?
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    I don't know of a safer way to go about it...I've never heard of a way to test a PCI card without installing it into a computer. Best I could advise would be to have an old, expendable computer to use as a test box for stuff like this.

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    i dont know if you have them where you live but computer swaps usualy have guys who chack any of your hardware parts if they work for 2-3 dollars.
    btw we would like to what kind of explosion you are talking about inside your pc?

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    Ok I will try one old PC with linux....
    OVERCLOCKIX is it somthing that you can recomend or it is better to setup some windows on it?

    I hope that It will not be "One PC" for "One Card"
    And no IO conflicts


    Originally posted here by unvi$ible

    btw we would like to what kind of explosion you are talking about inside your pc?
    Yes it was inside of PC and I think in few places.
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    So let me get this straight, your computers motherboard and PSU died out on you... "exploded"... So you want to make sure your AGP video card and whatever PCI expansion cards you have still work, but you don't want to risk your other healthy computer?? Well... usually expansion cards aren't the cause of death for motherboards and PSU's... it's usually the other way around, a faulty motherboard or PSU will damage the expansion cards... so you shouldn't have much to worry about...
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    Hi MrBabis

    It sounds as if your PSU failed and fried your motherboard. It might also have killed the RAM and AGP/PCI cards.

    Like TheDuck I have not seen a "dead" card or memory damage a PC................it just doesn't recognise it.

    I would recommend using Windows, as you will have a better chance of getting drivers for your cards. You need to be able to test the card, not just have it recognised by the BIOS............after all I have seen many cards that were recognised but were partially damaged, and would not work properly

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