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Thread: Any NetHackers here?

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    Talking Any NetHackers here?

    Am just wondering... NetHack is just an adventure game that seems to be older than I am. You're a warrior (or priest, magician, tourist or whatever) and with your brave dog (or cat, horse) you go down the dungeons to slay the Wizard of Yendor and then steal his amulet. You'll have to slay demons, dragons, succubi, cockatrices, killer bees and quite a few other monsters.

    And the best thing is that the game is available on dozens of platforms and operating systems. I even have one on my PDA. Complete with sourcecode, written in C to keep it compatible for every OS with a C compiler. (And appropiate libraries.)

    Oh, well... As I said, this game is old yet still very popular. So I just wonder if there are a few AO members here who have ever played it. And what they thought of it...

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    LOL Jeeze that brings back memories. Of course I've mellowed in my years. I still perfer pong.

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    I could never really get into Nethack, mainly because I got into Crossfire before it. Ive herd from other crossfire players who switched that its got the feel of Nethack and more updates, monsters and so on. I love it and play on some of there meta servers. Check it out here.
    meh. -ech0.

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