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Thread: ANTI ONLINE MENTOR's............

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    ANTI ONLINE MENTOR's............

    Ive been in and out of AO for quite a while now, im started to learn bits and bobs, but to be honest, when it comes to it im a total novice. (What a great way to start a thread)

    Im trying to learn things, but its hard, because i dont really know what im looking for, or how to apply my skills. As everyone are on different levels of knowledge etc, also having different skills to pass on.

    I thought, well, for newbies like me, how about having some forum where we can go and introduce ourselves, explain what we know already and what we are doing in our lives (i.e computer student, network admin, programmer etc etc). And then state what our interests are and what we'd love to learn.

    From that people would have a good idea what we're after (even if we don't really know ourselves) I know that all you guru's really know your stuff, you love to learn, but i think equally you love to teach and pass your wisdom on.

    So i thought have some kind of forum etc where the guru's can drop in, if they like the sound of someone drop them a PM and offer to guide them partly through their learning, or even dedicated mentors that are responsible for helping along the learning of people like myself.

    I havn't really thought this all out properly, but i wanted to make the suggestion.

    The more you know, the less you understand!

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    We have the Roll Call forum its for intro. if a member wants to drop a PM he/she will....anything else ;-) ?
    O.G at A.O

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