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Thread: trobleshooting

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    when i boot my system it says that the boot.ini file is not found and it is booting from c:\windows.moreover,in the msconfig,the boot.ini tab is not showing up.wt 2 do pls. advice

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    There should be a file called C:\boot.ini but Explorer won't show you this file normally. It is a hidden system file. It provides information about the partitions in your system and the time-out for the bootloader.

    What you could do is start Notepad and open the file 'c:\boot.ini'. It it tells you that the file cannot be found, the file is missing. Otherwise, something might be wrong with your harddisk. (Do a chkdsk in that case.) If the file is missing, you could try to just create an empty file instead. But beware, I don't know what happens. Either your system will start up fine afterwards or you won't be able to boot it up anymore.

    Check these links first:

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