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Thread: Google/MSN search wars

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    Google/MSN search wars

    For anybody who is interested to see who has the better search engine Google/MSN? I don't know about data-insite as there is not much to read up on.

    But the recent spat between Google and MSN is starting to take some interesting turns.
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    Hi dalek,

    I just did a search using that compare search link you put up and Google does seem to be the better search engine. For a search on "cats" MSN returned 27,046,833 results and Google found 61,700,000. For a "desktop icons" search MSN found 6,034,551 results and Google found 12,200,000. So Google is by far the better and more reliable search engine. MSN is quite poor in comparision.

    I also like having both search engines on one page and will be using it in the future.

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