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Thread: What a coincidence!

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    Woman from accounts payable stops by IT pilot fish's desk with a question. She's got two maintenance and supply agreements -- one for a fax machine and the other for a copier. What should we do with these? she asks fish.
    "I tell her that I would still keep the copier agreement, but let's let the fax agreement end," reports fish. "It's not worth paying $350 every six months when we could replace it with a $200 fax machine if it breaks.

    "She says OK and walks away.

    "After lunch I check my e-mail and discover a message from the same person who asked about the bills. In her e-mail she has attached a document that she sent to the maintenance company, ending maintenance and supplies for the fax.

    "She states that she feels this is not needed anymore, since the cost to replace the fax with a new one would be cheaper. Of course she sends this e-mail to all upper management, including our finance controller.

    "The controller replies back: Great job!"
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    Oh man that sucks
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    That does suck, tell her to give credit where credit is due .
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