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Thread: Britney Spears sex tape?

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    Britney Spears sex tape?

    And apparantly, someone copied it and might earn some bucks (and perhaps time in prison) when he's going to release it to the public.

    Well, no one is of course interested in seeing that video () but it amazes me that especially some famous people are so careless with their own sextapes. Am even amazed that they even tape their own sexcapades... Where's the fun in that? And how comes that this other guy knows about this video? Did they let him watch it before he secretly copied it?

    Famous people, you got to admire them for their stupidity sometimes.

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    She isn't due to release CD/Movie/Book anytime soon is she?

    Lost sex tape stories will get a lot of publicity and web searches for 'britney'.

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    I'm eager to see the tape, it reminds me of Fred Durst's sextape.
    Weird! how often they have sex? ....

    Katja, I think they videotape their sex experience, in order to review and improve their there sex positions and sexual performance ...
    Seriously, some people enjoy watching themsleves having sex .... and Britney might fall into the same category ... you never know

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    Personally I prefer old 8mm film...a crew...stage and set...and being interveiwed while doing it by a reputable news agency...

    but that's just me.


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    Ok guys and gals: Didn't you see Jinx's post....

    # Pornography - Anyone caught posting, looking at, searching for, storing, ingesting or thinking about Pornography on the Internet will get banned. See also Pics Plz.
    If released, the vid will find it's way to that which is called the Internet.

    We have been warned.

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    dambed.. still useing Tape... sheeees

    Be quicker to get the bums and **** on BT direct from Disk (HDD or DVD), or they could be adventerous with solid state media. (the pros play with 8 & 16Gb SD packs)

    Question.. what is a Britney ?
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    Question.. what is a Britney ?
    That be a place in northern France..................................oh, sorry that's Brittany
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    Katja, I think they videotape their sex experience, in order to review and improve their there sex positions and sexual performance ...
    Exactly the excuse I was looking for! Thanks!
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    I guess I'm just jaded and cynical, but this all REEKS of a thinly-veiled publicity stunt. You think they'd at least come up with something more original than a sex tape. What about Britney caught moonlighting as a stripper at Scores, or something? I'm so tired of hearing every little detail of that backwoods strumpet.

    May this be the beginning of the end for her.
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    It's a prego sex tape......wow I really need to hit up Kazza when this great DvD comes out.... I'll put it right next to my Deliverance DvD

    Looks like we got us a sow here instead of a boar........I'm gonna make you squeal like a pig. Weeeeeeee.

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