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Thread: God Told Me To Invade Iraq

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    God Told Me To Invade Iraq

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    Honestly, I think these statements have probably been taken out of context, but I didn't need evidence of Bush claiming conversations with God to think he's a nut job. I already got that impression.
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    It would not suprise me if Bush and some of his supporters have started this war partly on religious grounds too. Of course, the Islam has always been considered a hostile religion to many western countries and I don't think this will change in the future unless some drastic changes take place in many of those Islamic countries.

    Of course, the most important thing that should happen is that countries (all countries!) start separating religion and politics and just take away the control that many religious leaders have over the Political aspects. This applies as well to the USA as to Iran/Iraq. Of course, freedom of religion is pretty important too.
    But the most important thing of course is that countries aren't dominated by just a single religion. The USA is dominated by Christianity, just like Iraq/Iran are both dominated by Islam. There need to be more acceptance of other religions in all these countries.

    We don't need no fanatics in this world anyway. And if you think that Christianity doesn't train fanatics then think again and take a look at Northern Ireland, where two Christian religious fractions were having fun with killing each other for quite a few decades...

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    The war in Iraq is about oil

    Bushy poo is trying to justify his reasons for going into there in the first place .....cause originally it was all based on the WMD lie.

    Now he is still trying to get support...by raising the threat of a terroist attack in NY and continually instilling fear into the American general public.

    And by getting the "moral majority" on his side...the religous right...my gods better then your god bullsh*t.

    Hes so full of sh*t...it comes out of his mouth!!!!

    My .02 cdn...

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    God told me he only talks to crazy people.
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    Hey Hey,

    God told me to STFU and stay outta this one.. or at least that's what I'd do if I was smart.

    I really think Bush is crazy enough that he would believe that God spoke to him, prolly told him to build an Ark as well and put 2 of every animal on it.

    I find it funny that he's fighting religious fanatics yet most people don't see what a religious fanatic he is.

    I saw a shirt last night for one of my favourite albums and forgot how classic the quote on it was.

    It's the NOFX War on Errorism shirt and it's got a picture of Bush with his nose and mouth painted up like a clown. Then on back is the quote "Somewhere in Texas there is a village without it's idiot"

    Perhaps a new law should be passed since there should be seperation of church and state, any government official who thinks they speak with God is immediately impeached.

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    Well...anytime you put Bush and Dick together you're bound to have problems.

    Somebody had to say it!

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    Eg, i was gonna actually post something of worth here cuz i actually like Bush for the most part lol but once i read your post above, i fell into laughter and now i cant post anything useful
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    And if you think that Christianity doesn't train fanatics then think again and take a look at Northern Ireland, where two Christian religious fractions were having fun with killing each other for quite a few decades...
    That was true up to a point,maybe up to late 70's then it became more about Drugs, and Money, and the selling of weapons.

    Does anybody else remember when this started and Bush announced who the Axis of evil were and basically in the same breath announced a "crusade", hey it's been awhile but I am sure this did not go unnoticed by the people of Islam, grudges are hard to get over.(even ones going back to 11th to 14th century)The Holy Land
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    Holy ****! Bush is the masked prophet ... carries the prophecy of human salvation....
    Well, if God chosen Bush to give him the salvation of human being .... hmmm, I don't need that salvation, I would better die starving ..... was god sober, when he delgated the tasks to him?

    Next time he will pretend to be the christ, I mean the second advent ... God help us!
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