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Thread: Where did you learn your skills?

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    Where did you learn your skills?

    And I mean your skills that involve computer security, of course.

    I myself learned much from my father when I started to show some interest in computers at young age. Since he worked at home, he had plenty of opportunities to help me. The knowledge I learned at age 11 is giving me a big advantage right now.

    But then again, I like to learn and wonder how others have learned what they know.

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    there's no such thing in here who are called "expert" we're always learning which is something new...we have to explore...

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    Many resources:

    1- Nihil's nice posts
    2- Gore's brutal & OS posts
    3- Irongeek's video tutorials
    4- sec_ware detaild posts
    5- foxy's kick-ass posts
    6- Zencoder's debate posts
    7- Relyt cool posts.
    8- TigerShark's all-in-one posts
    9- thehorse13's NMAP tutorials
    10- phishphreek80's posts
    11- HTRegz's posts
    12- Tedob1's posts.
    13- MsMittens's Moderation
    14- Negative's Moderation.
    15- Eg's fantastic search results ...

    Sorry if I forgot some geeks, but the list is too long .... stick to AO .. and you will learn a lot ...

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    I just kinda picked things up along the way. It really became useful when I ended up homeless. My only possession was a nice Toshiba laptop... and I had some fun with it.

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    I started learning when I got my first TRS 80 with a whopping 1k of ram and a cassette drive. The fun still hasn't stopped, nor will I ever learn all there is to know about computers - something new every day, and every day a new challenge.
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    Where did you learn your skills?
    At home !

    I started getting into basic programming by getting C64 books from the library..
    I realy liked my basic and some machine code stuff (audio on C64 rox)..
    But I think it was when my old black and white TV fell on my C64..
    The shock was enough to jolt my tech fetish..
    The only thing broken was the SID chip and the plastic..
    Got a second C64 at a market fair (koninginnedag) a lot later on..
    (late 80's early 90's)
    By that time I had a 286 12Mhz 20Meg (HDD!!) 1Meg of mem and math co-processor.. DOS 4.1
    After buying a SoundBlaster 2.0 (8 bit mono with the stereo FM? midi chip) the gaming got better
    Played a lot whith QuickBasic (4.5 with .exe compiler rocked) and .bat scripting and stuff..
    I went on to Windows (on some 166mmx), playing with VB and a little C++.
    I started using the internet to learn even more programming at school in 1996.
    Went on to linux on my first real 'personal' computer in 98 I think.. (RH 5.1)
    And buying books..
    Reading books and surfing the net..
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    me too the jinx...all self thought ....and here of course
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    Hey Hey,

    Skills.... What skills? I make most the **** that I saw up.... I figure girls will like me that way... it seems like I have skills... Girls like skills right?

    You know, like nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills... Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills.
    ^--- That was a relationship counselling moving wasn't it?


    I'm like a lot of people here... Mostly self taught. I remember my first Tandy1000, that thing rocked... I also remember taking it apart and using a body grinder to cut into the 10MB HDD casing so I could see the actual disk. It was the size of a CD around but as thick as about 15 of them. From there my buddy's dad asked me to salvage a 286 (top of the line, they thought it was dead)... I just kept it... played with it until finally I got a P75... That was my baby (and my first contact with Linux).. From there I went through your standard array of modern PCs... fooling around, staying up all night, the classic geek stuff... Then I wanted more access to the school PCs and you can guess where that went. I took a couple of programming classes and the CCNA courses in high school... (wow... that was 5 years ago now... I feel so old ) and I just finished a 3 year Systems Technology course.... it didn't really teach much.. but covered a lot for people that came into it with no knowledge... either way I've learned as I went (isn't that the only way to really learn)...

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    Hey, HT....you know what a liger is? It's pretty much my favorite animal.

    I love that movie. It seems people either love it or hate it.

    Go Finland!
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    Originally posted here by mathgirl32
    Hey, HT....you know what a liger is? It's pretty much my favorite animal.

    I love that movie. It seems people either love it or hate it.
    I saw it and loved it... but it's the most over quoted movie... people ruin it. We actually had a guy run for student union shortly after it came out and his signs all said "You Want someone with skils... I've Got Nunchuk Skills, Bowing Hunting Skills and computer Hacking Skills so vote for me"

    If you love the liger, I've got two things for ya...

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    Ok This site's URL system sucks.. let's try tinyurl instead

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    PnCHd (Pronounced Pinched): Acronym - Point 'n Click Hacked. As in: "That website was pinched" or "The skiddie pinched my computer because I forgot to patch".

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