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Thread: I know people are tired of hearing this

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    I know people are tired of hearing this

    I know people are tired of hearing this stuff, but
    as they say in sports, you need to keep your eye
    on the ball, or you will lose the game.

    DUBAI (Reuters) - Iraq's al Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi said militants were justified under Islam in killing civilians as long as they are infidels, according to an audio tape attributed to him on Friday.

    "Islam does not differentiate between civilians and military (targets) but rather distinguishes between Muslims and infidels," said the man on the tape posted on the Internet, who sounded like Zarqawi.

    Since most members here are self-professed infidels, does this worry you?
    Or is this old news? Or is george the real terrorist?
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    I'm not necessarily suggesting that we go out on a hunt, however here's a little perspective food for thought…

    Nor do they differentiate between countries! They believe that either you support Islam or you’re an infidel, and as they have clearly demonstrated...

    …justified under Islam in killing…as long as they are infidels,…
    And what about the sleepers. Should I be concerned if I had a contingent in my country? Observation is prudent. Does their privacy override my safety?

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