So, I'm trying to work out all the little details on my already crappy pc, and I now need my printer. I haven't used this printer in about a year or two. Now when I install the missing ink cartridge it says that I inserted the wrong one. However, it IS the right ink cartridge it even says the model number on the box (HP Officejet v40). I had a problem with my first printer, it was a Canon (I'll never buy Canon again..), I didn't use it for about 3 months and the ink left in it apparantly dried inside and it stopped printing. Could this have happened with this printer? If so, what are the possible solutions to this problem.

By this way, It's an inkjet printer. It has a metal contact at the end but I don't think it's necessary to clean it since it's brand new and it'll only risk messing the whole thing up. Any advice please? Thanks.