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Thread: Buying used NICs

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    Lightbulb Buying used NICs

    What do you guys think is the most accurate way to test used NICs?... I'm buying some from Ebay and I want to make sure they are fully working ones ASAP...

    Ebay NICs here
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    Install them and use them. Its the best way to be absolutley certain they work!
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    NICs are compatible with system - check
    Shut Box off - check
    Open case – check
    Correctly install – check
    Close case – check
    Run Cable – check
    Turn Box on – check
    Green lights on NIC – check
    Green light on Router - check
    OS boots – check
    New Hardware recognized, drivers installed – check
    Bind TCP/IP to NIC – check
    DHCP – check
    Ping router –check
    Click on browser opens to AO – check
    Logon to AO

    Edit: Type faster than Nokia - check

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