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Thread: Suse Linux 9.3 help: Tuner program and ATI driver download?

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    Suse Linux 9.3 help: Tuner program and ATI driver download?

    Hello all!
    I was using one year ago for not more than 1 week Suse Linux 9.1 . Now I decided again that I must try harder to learn Linux. So I took the Linux 9.3.
    I'm impressed! Finally my tuner card is working but I don't like the program that I'm using for watching TV: kdeTV . Do you know a better one?
    And my second question is about the driver for my Radeon 9600. Linux driver
    What must I download? The ATI Driver installer? Or someone from X-Windows Version?
    Thank you in advance!
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    Check out MythTv. It is mostly a video recording program, but you should still be able to watch and not record. Worth a look. I see it mentioned all over the place. Search for Linux PVR and you'll come up with a lot more.


    Also, you should be about to use the following link for your ATI driver along with the install directions. https://support.ati.com/ics/support/...uestionID=1176

    I beleive that you just want the ATI Drive Install program. But, if you know which version of xwindos you're using, then use the .rpm
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