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Thread: Fins Make It Illegal To Circumnent DRM

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    Fins Make It Illegal To Circumvent DRM

    Its short, so here's the whole thing.

    The Finnish parliament has passed new copyright laws that make it illegal to circumvent digital rights management technologies.

    The legislation even outlaws making copies of protected content for your own use and although the country's government said that it will not enforce the law at that level, there is nothing to prevent the music and movie industries from doing so, although the government has asked them not to prosecute individuals making copies for their own use.

    Copy-protection mechanisms are increasingly prevalent on big-name CD releases, preventing music from being ripped to a PC or MP3 player. Methods of getting round DRM restrictions can easily be found on the Web, but in Finland such guidance will also be illegal. Even 'organised discussion' on circumventing DRM is illegal.

    Previously, Finland had reasonably relaxed copyright laws with a levy charged on blank media in exchange for the right to make copies for personal use. Despite the introduction of the new laws, the levy remains.
    How can they make something illegal and then ask those most interested in prosecution not to use it to their advantage ? Sounds like a pretty lame public relations move -- of COURSE they will use it if they have to.

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    Hey Hey,

    I find it funny that even organized discussion is illegal. Think about this for a second... How do companies come up with new forms of copyright protection? They sit at a meeting table and discuss how people are getting around their current methods and what will be different about the new version that will stop them.

    I'd get a job as a janitor for one of these companies, and record meetings... Then have them fined for having organized discussions. It'd be an interesting spin on things.

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    Despite the introduction of the new laws, the levy remains.
    How can they chareg some one for doing something that is illegal.

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