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    You know, I am watching swordfish for the first time and the part where he was forced to get into DoD (and how far fetched was that?) and anyone who has seen the movie knows the "situation" is was in.

    Just a random thought I decided to share............

    I don't think I could even play mindsweeper.

    Thank you for your time.


    [gloworange]This thought has been brought to you by numerous bud lights throughout the day.[/gloworange]

    *heads over to the Drunk thread........
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    lol, thank you for the good laugh and drunk ramblings.

    I dont think I could either. Barely be able to turn the computer on, and use anything command line ? Forget it.
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    Hey Hey,

    I just asked my gf if she'd help me prove the minesweeper theory... She has agreed.... I'm going to test it later this week... and if I can get away with hiding a webcam to prove it I will.

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    I own that movie, its a good movie but its just that, a movie... they do take some artistic liberties lol
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