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This is a pretty cool concept in my opinion. It's quite the interesting caching server (or sequence of caching servers) that are open for anyone to use. http://www.coralcdn.org/

Coral is peer-to-peer content distribution network, comprised of a world-wide network of web proxies and nameservers. It allows a user to run a web site that offers high performance and meets huge demand, all for the price of a $50/month cable modem.

Publishing through Coral is as simple as appending a short string to the hostname of objects' URLs; a peer-to-peer DNS layer transparently redirects browsers to participating caching proxies, which in turn cooperate to minimize load on the source web server. Sites that run Coral automatically replicate content as a side effect of users accessing it, improving its availability. Using modern peer-to-peer indexing techniques, Coral will efficiently find a cached object if it exists anywhere in the network, requiring that it use the origin server only to initially fetch the object once.
I only came across this because someone replied on the nmap-dev mailing list that this could be a great way for Irongeek to distribute his nmap tutorials without hogging his bandwidth. It's also a great way for anyone else wanting to share large files with the community. You simply attach .nyud.net:8090 to the end of any website and it'll access it through one of the caching servers. This could have gone in security as it also doubles as a proxy, but I decided to place it here instead. Using Irongeek's Your IP page along with the .nyud.net:8090 added on causes the following to be displayed.

Info obtained by PHP on the server:

Hostname planetlab3.comet.columbia.edu
Operating System
Entire User Agent String CoralWebPrx/0.1.14 (See http://coralcdn.org/)
Referrer http://www.irongeek.com/
Remote Client Port: 46690
This is quite obviously not my information. Anyways.. it is quite interesting and felt it worth sharing since searches for Coral on the site didn't bring up anything related.