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    Calendar Widget

    Hey Hey,

    So tonight, out of pure boredom, I started browsing the calendar a little bit. I'd always known you could click on a day to find out who's birthday it was, but one of the things I hadn't known about was conferences and courses that phernandez has been posting on there. In stead of the Calendary widget showing the days of the week (Every computer I own has one of those and there's actually these paper versions that you can buy to hang on your wall). I'd much prefer that it show the upcoming events for the next month. Not the Birthdays, but the other events that have been added... Leave the date at the top and make it clickable to take you to a monthly calendar... but have that widget display the events coming up instead of the days of the week I think that'd be more beneficial than just seeing the days of the week, we can go into the calendar to browse that.

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    Thanks HTR, we'll have to see if we can make it work that way. I know Pedro's pretty good at keeping it up to date with the latest conferences, etc.

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    Nice one HTRegz!

    By the way, don't you think the sorting of the names in the birthday calender is a bit confusing? I get confused when I look at them, i feel they are all meshed, it would be better to see them sorted vertically, every one or two names in a saperate line ...

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