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Thread: How fast are you?

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    How fast are you?

    How much time in hours/days/month usualy goes for you to repair one computer that got virus/spy infection?

    On standard home PC or Server. New computers, old computers.

    WinNT based.
    Win9x based.

    For me it is about one week sometimes.
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    Between 1-3 hours depending on speed of net connection and speed of computer.
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    yeah, I can usually get a PC cleaned in less than 4 hours. That means update AV/antispyare. Safe mode scan, check msconfig and firewall. Pop spyware blaster on there, for future vaccinations. I usually start tham on a defrag, too. (since they are crying about their computer being slow, and haven't defraged in years)
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    Well it depends on the amount of damage done which would then determine if you have to clean it and re-install o/s..That in some cases can go up to 4hours i would say ,if you have all relevant drivers etc..
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    Depends on quite a number of things, most discussed already. Damages done is mainly the big number and the amount of "labor" or work needed to fix/correct the problem.
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    Hey Hey,

    It's usually never more than a couple hours, but I'm guessing I've got more experience with cleaning up infections than a lot of people. The home user may clean up their own and a couple friends computers. In corporate environments you usually keep your network clean and if you get an outbreak, you segment it and clean the machines. I spent two years supporting primarily viruses and malware.

    While it would vary, in a 35 hour week I'd range from 50 to 150 PCs to support.. and those entire 35 hours didn't go to the process... I'd also have to answer phones and emails... Then again, we had 3 stations dedicated to this process, just hook up the tower and get started.. I'd also created a custom autorun disc that assisted with the process.. and we had 3 more stations we could convert if need be.

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    Well let's see,

    Actually it takes not time IF you have:

    1- Recentely updated AV.
    2- Spyware removal/detection tools, {Always-on mode}
    3- Updated OS
    4- Decent and well-configured firewall.
    5- periodically checked registery.
    6- Disk clean-up utility
    7- A user account for daily stuff, don't work under Admin account ...
    8- Unnecessary services disabled

    you will never need to repair as long as you follow these steps .... Why wasting time to repair... I know am hallucinating ... but this what I have to say ...

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    Usually under 4 hours with most pc's but some people still want to bring in dino's those can take anywhere from 3 hours to a day. Computer speed is a big factor in repair time.
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    shoot in my line of buisness its not worth repairing. Viruses can cause damage to a system leaving it open for other attacks. Its best to back up the customers data and reload the OS. I average between 2 and 3 hours and that includes: pulling the hard drive, slaving it to my tech computer, coping there files to a folder on my desktop, formatting, installing, updates, replacing software, and installing other software (Spybot and Ad-Aware). I rather do that than f-with a virus. I did remove the blaster virus off my motherinlaws computer in less than five minutes and Im talking manually removing it. Only did it that fast because I knew what to look for. My college got hit with it and I had to help the Admin clean close to a hundred computers.

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    So, bases is:

    In the begining
    Disinfect/reinstall windows.
    Do backup of windows efter that.

    In the new begining on same place
    Use backupT0 of that computer in case if it got infected again.
    Clear computer efter restroing of backupT0.

    (T0 = type 0)-keeping new files alive.

    backupT0=inzipping/unzipping/moving of folders into/from protected area.

    Or use image of hard-drive to restore computer.- backup of new* files must be created for restoration

    That can increase speed on secound wave.

    *-necessary items
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