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    bballad...sounds great but, are they going to charge me an arm and a leg? I'm on a limited budget (I'm one of three (two really, our IT Director is in charge of making curriculum decisions and doesn’t have much technical experience) in a small IT department in a K-8 private school (I'm the Net Admin and we have about 140 machines, 30-40 printers, plus the network hardware (switches, firewalls, and servers) that I manage). It's pretty crazy...anyway...

    Cliffs: Our budget is very limited...I'm looking for something cheap (500-1500USD) or something free and customizable. Again I don't mind doing some coding (actually I need the practice. I’m pretty good with VB and Scripts)

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    If you want an AD monitoring tool i sugest you check out QUEST softwares spotlightonAD. You can check it out here .
    It will just depend how much you can shell out for the tool
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    I was going to suggest QUEST tools too but MURACU bet me to it.

    They're good and fast but not cheap at all.

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    Haven't look at the 2k3 version but the admin pack r resource kit (free from MS) may have a tool to do this. what you want just screams perl script
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