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Thread: Finding the location, identity, or affiliation of email senders

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    Finding the location, identity, or affiliation of email senders

    This probably doesn't go here but it's the closest I could find...

    Thanks to wireless networks, internet cafes, and web mail, it is now common to send email from just about anywhere. So, where was that friend, coworker, or stalker when she sent that message last night, and what else can we learn about her? Using simple techniques and a few well known, but often-overlooked email headers and internet tools, it's often easy to find out.

    Likewise, the email you send may also include your location and school or employer, even if sent from a personal account. Do you or should you care?
    Why care?

    In general, you probably don't or shouldn't care where people are when they send mail. But other times it might be nice to know. What if you received a message like this one:

    From: Bill
    Subject: I've taken the cash and left town

    See you never! Ha ha!

    Well, you'll probably never get one like that, but maybe there's one of these in your inbox:

    From: Jeff
    Subject: Still stuck in Chicago

    These meetings are taking forever. I'll need to stay all week.

    Obviously that one is from Chicago, right? But who is your "Secret Satan"?

    From: Secret Satan
    Subject: It is time

    Guess who!

    How about this next person, is she really an Apple insider?

    From: Alice
    Subject: Details on the new Wi-Fi iPod

    Are you interested?

    And is this next anonymous source real?

    From: Informant
    Subject: The new iPod causes hurricanes

    Apple is staging a massive cover-up! Warn your readers!

    Although most of us don't operate a hot rumor site, we may nevertheless like to know what is hiding in the email we send and receive, and whether it matters to us. These fake messages are a little contrived, but they help us to consider the situations in which a little information can reveal a lot about a sender, using one of a few simple techniques.
    Finding the location, identity, or affiliation of email senders || kuro5hin.org

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    good brush up, thanks egad.
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