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Thread: About freaking time!!!!!

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    Lightbulb About freaking time!!!!!

    Splashpower Ltd., established as the result of a business competition at Cambridge University, has developed a wireless charging system that uses electromagnetic induction to accomplish wireless charging of devices.

    Read the full story here.

    One step closer...............

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    Batteries need to DIE! lol
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    Ya know...my SoniCare toothbrush does this too. You just have to have it within .02 microns of the charging base. But hey...those .02 microns are all Freedom Baby, YEAH!

    Still, no contact points, no jacks, and no cords. Ya just drop it into the well of the charger. Always thought that was pretty slick.
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    Talking of batteries;

    I watched a program ages ago, it was about the real Q (007 fame) from WW2.

    There was a need for a battery that lasted longer than was currently available, for night landing aids. This is gear that helps pilots land at night.

    Q, goes to battery manufacturer and speeks with the boss:

    Q: we need a battery that lasts twice as long as the current batteries, is it possible?
    Boss: No, sorry we are not at that level of technology yet.
    Q: Ok i'm just going to have a quick chat with your head R&D guy, see you later.

    Q meets head of R&D;

    Q: Hello there how long do you think it would take your company to develope a battery that lasts twice as long as the current product?
    Head R&D: We have that product now sir, tested, tried, it works, it's shelved.
    Q: Thanks, you have been very helpfull.

    Q Meats again with the Boss.

    Q: You have two weeks to supply us with the new battery that lasts twice as long or your company is closed. Understand?

    Boss: Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.
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