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    Wanted: $1 Million Bill Counterfeiter

    Imagine going to a cashier and asking if they have change for a million.

    Police in southern Idaho are looking for someone trying to pass phony $1 million bills.

    Officers in Twin Falls said the counterfeits are high quality except for one problem...
    The U.S. Treasury never issued a 1 million bill.

    The largest bill ever produced was the $100,000 gold certificate issued in the mid 1930's. But it was only used for transactions between Federal Reserve Banks and never released for general circulation.

    As for the phony $1 million note, police said it looks like it's based on a 1920s dollar bill.
    Police haven't made any busts yet in the funny money case.


    aint that funny
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    Hi st1mpy,

    This one's from Georgia...

    The Smoking Gun: Archive


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    Who's face is on the 1 million dollar bill? prolly someone who has a larger than life personality like Hugh Heifner lol
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    Who's face is on the 1 million dollar bill?
    Mine, of course....
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    Who's face is on the 1 million dollar bill?
    I'd have thought Bill Gates picture would of been on it.....

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