Hi all,
I am kinda little stuck with this.Seeking your help on this. Infact the problem is that we tried to run a ghost image on machine from a USB storage and someone removed the USB storage even before it started.
Now when I tried to reboot the system it gave me the ugly "disk not found" error. I popped in couple of live distros(astrumi and Knoppix) and tried to mount the hard disk. I was unable to mount the internal hard disk with the live distribution.(Since knoppix can mount during the boot). I tried to mount it by

"mount -t vfat /dev/hda1 /mnt/hd"
and it gave me an error of "invalid block device or bad superblock". So i was unable to munt the hard drive. Now I popped in Windows XP cd (since the OS is Windows XP SP 1a) and tried to do a "fixmbr". But the machine is automatically turned off when it tries to configure and detect the hardrive.So unable to do that as well.

Please note that I can see all the partitions healthy and active when i use some partitoning tool (fdisk,partd). I hav'nt formattd it, since the data in the partition is valuble.

Any suggestion on this would be appreciated.
Thank you all for bearing me all along.