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Thread: HiJack this log analyzer

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    HiJack this log analyzer

    I found his while poking around today. Not sure how well it works. If someone tries it then report back how well it did for you and how well it explained it to you.

    HiJack This Log Analyzer

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    Hi hjack

    I am currently helping out over at Tomcoyotes forum (in learning mode), and most of those that review HJT logs will tell you to get someone live when reviewing these, the on line analyzer is helpful to the user if they are familiar with HJT logs and how to read them, sometimes the on line analyzer will give out false positives, and if the user can't read between the lines so to speak may inadvertantly remove something that is essential to the operation of an application/program.

    There are areas of the log which should be treated with caution.

    Disclaimer: This system is to be used as a generalized guide, this will not be right 100% of the time. We are of course trying our best to make it as accurate as possible. Even when an item is "red flagged" you need to double check this before deleting.
    But as a tool it is useful, even by those that review the ones submitted at other forums, more or less to weed out the garbage, to get at the nasty stuff.
    I think for newbies who submit a log they would be well advised to get assistance first, it looks like once through the HJT log mill at the other forums, most people who are helped out, go away knowing a lot more about their PC's, so it is beneficial to both the infected and the person helping.

    Overall it would be great if we could just submit to an online scan and have all of the PC's problems fixed,(might cost Bill a few billion) but that is fantasy and won't be coming anytime soon
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    Parth Maniar,

    *Thank you GOD*

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    Hi Hijack,

    AntiOnline - DNS/IP/HiJackThis/Security Tutorial Sites

    but it's worth repeating


    TeWrangler...yours is listed as well

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