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Thread: Would like to know more about batch files

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    Question Would like to know more about batch files

    Hello AO freinds

    I want to learn how to batch, I know some basic C++ so I'm not completely useless; but what I really want to know is how to write batch files so I can make my job more automated.

    Example of what I'm looking for:

    formatting and fdisk

    Run cleanup program and delete itself afterwards

    also wanted to make a bandwidth speed tester

    I hope that you can help, I did a Google search and didnt get the results I wanted.

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    Well formatting...it's easy, very easy:

    you must open the Notepad (in woindows) and write this:

    format herethediskwhatyouwantformat

    an example:

    format c:

    well, read and try learn with the Dos's help.



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