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Thread: New Phishing Scam Aol

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    New Phishing Scam Aol

    I got this email on my MSN account


    Dear Valued Member,

    We were unable to process your last two billing transactions and your account is now past due. To ensure that your service is not interrupted, please update your billing information today by clicking here. Or call AOL Member Services toll-free at 1-877-773-4462. We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    If you have recently updated your billing information, please disregard this message as we are processing the changes you have made.


    AOL Member Services Team

    P.S. AOL has several pricing options to meet your needs. Please call AOL Member Services to ensure that you are on the optimal pricing plan and to update your payment information today!


    this scam involves updating you so called billing information by giving them your Name, address, social Security number, and the credit card numbers.

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    Just taken a look at the link you provided and it does look convincing at first. If you then click on any link though it takes you back to billing or gives a 404. Have you spoken to AOL about this? They need to know if you haven't as they may be able to get the page pulled. The address you want is probably abuse@aol.com (not sure on that one but thats the normal abuse report one). They will possibly want the full email with the headers as well.
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    I also noticed on that page is says: Expiry Date. They spelled expiration wrong... that seems to be a give away to me because they dont make typos usually.... but other than that it looks convincing and less educated people might fall for it.

    p.s. Also if it were a real payment area they would or should be using HTTPS and NOT HTTP.
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    The dead giveaway for me was the claim that AOL member services was "available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."

    'Course, things may have changed since I dumped AOL (took 3 months to finally contact a human at member services) back in '89.

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    They either just took the site down or my MVPS HOSTS file wouldn't let me connect, can come in handy.
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    yep the site is down. Maybe a Fly By Night operation. I dont even use aol.. that was the dead giveaway for me.

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    On the rare occassion that I do not have enough funds in my account when AOL request payment from my bank, a little pop up comes up when I sign on, saying "Dear MistiaPaws" and then tells me that they couldn't collect that month's payment, and to click the "Resubmit" box to request the payment again.

    Also found this on AOL help which may help others who are vulnerable to these scams.

    Will AOL ever ask me for billing details via email?

    AOL will NEVER ask you for your billing information via email, Instant Message, or an online Web site, and will NEVER, EVER ask you for your password.

    If you are ever in any doubt as to the validity of a request for your billing information, we would suggest you contact AOL staff at AOL Keyword: Live Help or by telephone as below.

    If you have already divulged your payment details and/or password in response to an email you received, we would suggest you immediately choose a new password at Keyword: Password and contact your bank/card issuer to prevent unauthorised use of your credit card.

    Note: AOL may occasionally request you to update your billing information where we have been unable to charge your selected payment method (e.g. credit card). In such circumstances, you will be asked to update your information by visiting AOL Keyword: Billing or by calling AOL Member Services on 0870 3 20 20 20.

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