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    Linux stars in MS movie


    Universal Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox announced last week that Peter Jackson and his partner Fran Walsh will act as executive producers for the film, based on the best-selling game for Microsoft's Xbox gaming console.

    Bungie, the Microsoft-owned development firm which created the game, confirmed that Peter Jackson's post-production firm Weta Digital would be involved in the movie.

    Weta Digital uses more than 1000 dual-processor IBM blade servers running the Fedora version of the Red Hat distribution of the Linux to produce special effects for movies that have so far included Lord of the Rings and King Kong.
    Lol, Fragdora lol.

    This isn't anything new, The Matrix was made on Free BSD, and I don't know of many movies not Open Source anymore.

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    I don't think MS has anything to say about the OS being used by a special effects company. But if they forced them to use windows I do think the movie would be released much later. Then postponed again and again, just like longhorn/vista
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    Ooooooh really?

    Does that mean there's open source movie making software? An open source equivalent of, say, Adobe Premiere, etc.?

    If so, could you please direct me to where I might find it?

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    This was just released as open source: Xara

    Also, Weta has made some in-house software specifically for their FX work.

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    Most apps used in this stuff are probably completely custom as the other dude said. It wouldn't make sence to use software you hve to pay for when you can just have the apps you need made for Linux, which most I assume do anyway.

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    Ah, I see. Reason I was asking is that it so happens a group of friends and myself are working off and on on a little independent wannabe film project. I found Adobe Premiere on Amazon used for about $40, only to quickly discover there are many more bells and whistles in the Pro version as well as some other high dollar Windows programs that make me broke just thinking about them. But if I can do some of the same stuff with linux for free/minimal cost...That's gonna make my day!

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