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Thread: Word outline numbering

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    Word outline numbering

    Anyone know how to control this beast?

    I've got a large documents I need to edit with a long and complex numbering system done using the Word numbered bullets system.

    It's like juggling eels trying to get the damn thing to do what you want.

    If I have a paragraph 9.1.2 I need to rename to 9.1.3 it's bloody well changing it to something random like 17..4.24 (double dots not a typo). Sometimes clicking undo will bring up the right number but not always. It's also changing the numbering to paragraphys above and below, which would be undertandable except that it's changing them to equally random numbers. Word is also changinf the formatting of the page when I try to change these numbers making the paragraph bold etc. Taking off bold changes the numbering.

    I've started taking off the numbering and just changing it to text but it's just a bit of chore when the tool should be doing it for me.

    Googling for answers basically brings back "don't use it coz it's shite", " this feature created by MS technicians with crack smoking ferrets down their trousers". Ok I made the second one up.

    It's Word 2002 btw.

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    IIRC it's the "Styles and formatting" that defines how the numbering works and what to number and what not to.
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    I gave up after it renumbered every paragraph to 9.2.
    Put them in as plain text.

    I'll keep "Styles and formatting" in mind should this ugly little feature rear its head again.


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    One thing to try

    Make a copy of the document...(just incase )

    Remove the numbering format....save exit.
    Reopen add the numbering format back.

    This has work for me...although with Word97.

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