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Thread: " The Brain " is watching you!

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    " The Brain " is watching you!

    This screen shows that members of hackweiser include hackers using pseudonyms such as 'r4ncid', Hackah Jack', 'The Milk Man' and 'bighawk'.

    The Brain also detects hackers appearing under multiple pseudonyms and tracks their relationships with one another - for example the above diagram shows 'phel0n' is connected to 'ch3wb4k4'. The Brain provides details of what those relationships involve as well as detailing all known activity by those individuals.,00.htm
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    So, if im understanding this correctly, this proggy is used by, shall we say, the Feds, to track known hackers/groups/attacks done by those groups? How does it update its information? ( data about known hackers/orgs/hacks intered manually into a database of sorts, or is it all done by the proggy itslef?) The site didnt have much info, other than the picture captions, so im just a little bit fuzzy on the details.

    man...big bro really is watching hehee


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    So now I wonder... Where's Pinky? You got to have Pinky with the Brain...

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    CyberTrust's application known as 'The Brain' tracks and monitors the activity of hackers and hacker groups who are involved in everything from virus writing to around 3,000 website defacements each day.
    Their strategy seems to be similar as that of 'HoneyNet Project's'.

    There too some systems configured as honeypots are used to track down the attacker. The system uses well defined Data Control, Data Capture and Data Analysis tools. some of these tools are provided by the project co-ordination team to the individual honenet participants.. but participating agencies may develop their own tools too.. Their participating agencies are primarily university research houses, govenment funded security agencies etc. The participating parties have to stick to some guidlines like complete disclosure of the tools used, data captured and log details.

    Please view the following link:

    which provides the related information about tracking of attackers/ unauthorised hackers. The complete statistics gathered by these projects/initiatives will be helpful in analysing the attacker behaviour (their technical skills and vulnerability explotaition) and attack patterns, which may be helpful in developing more advanced security tools.
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    If I am not mistaken, JP used to do this too.

    AntiOnline has five full-time employees and 11 part-time employees working in flashy new offices in downtown Beaver, Pa. The company has transitioned itself from tracking and visiting hacker chat rooms to developing software that automates the process of monitoring Web sites.
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    Originally posted here by Katja
    So now I wonder... Where's Pinky? You got to have Pinky with the Brain...
    probably he wrote the code for the brain

    but srlsy how do you manag to keep track of somthing that changes as much as hacker group names I mean I might deciede to chqnge my name every day or somthing how can you keep track of the relations there but then ... dunno if some on does please explain it to me . .
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