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    Well I have run scsis on servers for many years...and have only had one fail...although it was originally setup by another company and wasnt working properly when I started. diskread\write errors..and the drive would just drop offline...I thought it was a setup issue as there were many other issues with the server setup overall. Was under warranty and seagate replaced it when I couldnt low level format...

    I have a stacks of failed IDEs....mostly maxtors...or very old (7+ years) seagates

    When upgrading\repairing or reinstalling a machine....and it has a maxtor...

    I remove it and put it on the stack.

    I am very new to the again thank you for your opinions


    maybe overkill for basic file sharing....but there are databases, exchange server , sharepoint and windows virtual memory etc that thrash the drives a fair bit...

    So maybe under a little more stress...with all those apps...

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    Hey MLF, you've probably been here already but this is the "home" of SATA. Can tell you all you need to know about it!

    Look under "SATA Technology" for a detailed description and tech overview!
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    all i'm gonna say is ... even for 30 users SCSI is overkill ....
    Well, for ONE USER (and his Tom Cat) We go SCSI...........I guess that has destroyed all the aliens in the Universe?...................

    RAID1...................they don't know how to spell "prisoner" round here

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