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Thread: Well, that's one way to do it!

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    Well, that's one way to do it!

    IT intern gets an assignment from hardware tech: Replace this PC's motherboard. But after a while, pilot fish a few cubicles away begins to get worried.
    "I could hear various noises coming from her cube: grunts, straining noises and finally hammering," fish says.

    He wanders over to see what's going on. Is everything OK? he asks intern.

    "I can't get this @#$%! CPU to seat!" intern says.

    Did you pull the lever up on the socket? fish asks.

    "What lever?" asks intern.

    Which explains the hammering noise, fish explains. "Sixty percent of the CPU's pins were bent at a 45% angle," he says. "A few were bent flat with the bottom of the CPU. It took 45 minutes with a penknife and magnifying glasses to straighten the pins back to their correct position so they would go into the socket.

    "Surprising enough, the PC eventually came back to life without replacing the CPU.

    "But the intern swore that she would never do any more odd jobs for the hardware technician."
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    At least they got lucky and got them straight again which must have taken forever because I had the horrible experience of someone "SO CALLED PC TECHNICIAN"taking mine out for no valid reason.(you might ask why i did not have a look myself?? so ya ..i was not in town at that stage so my wife asked them to have a look since they usually look at their stuff in the office)

    He ended up bending just one,eventually breaking it off after trying to straighten it..Best of all is he tried to cover it up instead of having the balls to tell me which would have upsetted me but in my book “honesty is the best policy”and I am sure that we could have come to some kind of agreement.At least i thought that would be the RIGHT way to go about it..
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