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    therenegade Some people cannot use alternative browsers. Even if you will install and show them what program to start. Thay will continue to use IE and may also think that it was that program that you have installed. And BTW... some pages need IE to work fine...
    t.ex. windows update and some online banks.

    I have had also that kind of problem but very long time ago...
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    I have given up...

    I thow in the towel..

    It was too F...... Simple..

    I hadn't tried any other site.. I tried Yahoo.. went to logon.. the answer was there infront of me.. In big red letters... The browser had rejected the cookie the site was trying to set..

    Went to the IE Internet options - Privacy Tab here it was set to the highest setting.. cranked it down to Medium..
    POW.. ALL works OK again..

    You know I cant get the Yahoo to bring up that message again.. oh well

    Pissed as to how I overlooked that one setting, but why I didnt notice other problems browsing.. but then I dont fiddle much on customers accounts..

    Well there you have the answer to this problem.. Browser wasnt allowing cookies to be set, preventing it to be able to finish the logon process.. Simple..NOW..

    BTW.. thanks for the assistance guys.. your advice was helpful, and very few off track..
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