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Thread: American Airlines On Crack!

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    American Airlines On Crack!

    Hey Hey,

    I know I take a lot of heat for attacking the US, but don't blame me... blame the news... Maybe other countries do have these same problems and I'm unfairly attacking the US... but the US is the only country that plasters it all over the news.

    Anyways this thread is on the stupidity of airlines... I've seen other articles in the past but since both of these are recent, let's just discuss them.

    Source: http://money.cnn.com/2005/10/06/news...shirt/?cnn=yes
    Southwest Airlines kicked a woman off one of its flights over a political message on her T-shirt, the airline confirmed Thursday, and published reports say the passenger will sue.

    Lorrie Heasley, of Woodland, Wash., was asked to leave her flight from Los Angeles to Portland, Ore., Tuesday for wearing a T-shirt with pictures of President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and a phrase similar to the popular film title "Meet the Fockers."
    Does this mean I've been right all along? The US doesn't have freedom of speech? I'm sick of hearing about all the frivolous law suits in the states but this one will be more than justified. The airline should be severely punished for that one. They won't be... because the economy is too fragile and hurting a major airline could hurt the country... it's definately a shame to see this persons rights trampled... Yet people still think that Bush isn't a dictator.

    So let's go on to number two... This just help demonstrate stupidity.... I'm actually surprised that flight attendants are capable of getting peanuts and opening those little bottles of whisky.

    Labor unions representing most of the nation's 90,000 flight attendants have urged their members to boycott a new Jodie Foster film that portrays a flight attendant and a U.S. air marshal as terrorists.

    They said casting cabin crew members as villains in the movie "Flightplan" was irresponsible in light of heightened security concerns since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, in which suicide hijackers used airliners as guided missiles.
    First of all let me say... Sept 11th was over 4 years ago... stop using it as a complaint for everything.. 'That movie shouldn't be shown.. it doesn't respect the events of Sept 11th'... 'This food is bad.. how dare this restraunt disgrace America... especially after the tragedy of Sept 11th'. 'My toothpaste is empty... for the love of God, doesn't this tube remember 9/11'.

    Secondly... calling a boycott because you're cast in a negative light in a movie... How many different groups are cast in a negative light by movies...

    Should we recall The Godfather because it puts a negative twist on Italian Americans... hell let's cancel the Soprano's while we're at it (I know... they petitioned for that before).

    Maybe Kitchen Confidential (New Show) should be taken off the air because it pokes fun at Cooks and Chefs...

    The Man Show.... Why do they show repeats... those bouncing scantily clad women are a disgrace..

    Legally Blonde, Clueless, Liar Liar (which implied you can't be a good lawyer if you can't lie... )...

    How about every movie set in the southern states in the 1800s... or during WWII because the KKK and Nazis are displayed in a poor light.

    This is pathetic. It get's even better though.

    "Flight attendants continue to be the first line of defense on an aircraft and put their lives on the line day after day for the safety of passengers."
    Beverage came out my nose as I read that.... I hope any flight attendant that beliefs that is shot tomorrow.. or tonight... Firefighters, Police Officers... they put their lifes on the line day after day for the safety of people... The Military (as much as I dislike them)... many of them are there to put their lives on the line for others... but Flight Attendants... That reads like one of those old Bud Light commercials... 'This is for you Mr. Outside the Stadium Hotdog Vendor....'

    When I was just starting to gain some respect for Americans I have to see stuff like this... please tell me that the American members of the site find this completely ridiculous as well... I'm praying that there's still hope for some of you.

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    Thats too bad, Southwest is my fav airline but American Airlines ( the company) did the exact same thing last week. They kicked a guy off the plane for wearing a shirt with a bare breasted woman on it... You cant say the airlines didnt try though, they asked the people to turn their shirts inside out and they refuse so.... its in the policy they can kick them off and they do it. People should just turn offensive shirts inside out, pretty simple.
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    Re: American Airlines On Crack!

    Originally posted here by HTRegz
    Does this mean I've been right all along? The US doesn't have freedom of speech?
    Even though it is a rediculous reaction to the shirt, and taken far out of proportion, they were still 100% legal and constitutional in the Airline's actions. Freedom of expression only applies to public forums, whether it's out on the street or in a government owned faciluty. (Although, even then exceedingly vulgar/obtrusive/harmful exercise of expression can be revoked. Especially depending on what State you live in.)

    All-in-all though, the Airline is a private organization and she was in one of their own faculities. Alot of rights do not apply when you are in someone else's home--as it should be imo. My right to do with mine usurps your right to be party to it.
    FAA spokesman Donn Walker told the newspaper that no federal rules exist on the subject.

    "It's up to the airlines who they want to take and by what rules," he was quoted as saying. "The government just doesn't get into the business of what people wear on an aircraft."
    However, what this lady needs to do is read the contract specifications that she agreed to by purchasing the ticket. Then she and her lawyer can see if they stated policy that would allow them to remove her (forhowever vague of a reason). *Note: They also said she refused to cover her shirt up, and she did with a sweat-shirt, although she says "it kept slippin off as she slept". Somehow, I find her version to probably be the less likely one.

    Even though I find it pretty absurd, I can't get mad at the airline officials for doing their job if it was actual policy and not personal perrogative. Sure, they were militant about it, but they were only doing their job. We should remember not to shoot the messanger.
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    Sounds like HTRegz loves America. I don't know a damn thing about your country and I don't care about it enought to read your news!!!

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    Exactly Evil Moo... HT, this has nothing to do with america and peoples rights. In america, if your using a private companies facilities, they can refuse service to you at anytime... A grocery store refused to sell me a cigar because I don't look 18, even though I supplied my drivers license...

    Flight attendants continue to be the first line of defense on an aircraft and put their lives on the line day after day for the safety of passengers."
    hahahahahahahaha... now that's just hilarious! hahahahaha

    I fly pretty frequently and the majority of flight attendants don't give two squirts of piss for passengers... Especially in a life or death situation...
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    The US doesn't have freedom of speech?
    Nowhere has freedom of speech....................all countries have laws relating to libel, slander, incitement, sedition etc.

    In this case it would seem to be more of a case of "dress code" than freedom of speech. She wouldn't get served in a fancy restaurant either

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    For a country that will allow it's own people to burn the Flag as a sign of protest, it is mind boggling that a person who may be wearing something objectionable is targeted for removal(you can't tell me it wasn't a partisan response to who was on the T-Shirt, if it had been Fidel Castro, I am confident the Pilot and staff would chuckle and share their drinks with you).

    Wouldn't get served in a restaurant? if say (he probably wouldn't) but Bill Clinton walks into a restaurant wearing a dress with a stain on it, do you think they would throw him out, not likely, it's "Who you Know, and Who You Blow" tactics.


    The Military (as much as I dislike them)
    What's up with that??

    Anyhoo, remember the good ole days when you could say things at the airport like "gun", "bomb", "TNT" where is the sense of Haha we need in this world, people are way to thin skinned nowadays, the slightest mispoke and somebody get's their knickers in a twist.

    Also if they do remove you for an "offensive piece of apparell" hopefully their was a refund.(think maybe/no)

    oh and I would like to add something about the bit with the Movie depictions, I hope the industry tells the union to shove it, we had an incident recently here with the underworked overpaid mail carriers, who objected when the 'Trailer Park Boys" were going to have an actor portray a mail carrier, and in their words, would besmirch their reputation, what a PR blowout, scuttle but has it that half the mail carriers do act like the guys from the Trailer Park Boys and the rank and file would have loved the publicity (if your not familiar with this show I think you can get it on BBC Canada). It was a decision made by the suits, and as usual backfired.
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