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Thread: help me i think i will be spammed hriders.com

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    help me i think i will be spammed hriders.com

    is hriders a site where they will spam my email address.but hriders say they offer 1TB size of email account is it true? if not i think they will spam my email address.how should i protect myself from spamming??
    please help

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    Why would you be spammed?

    As far as I can see they provide anti-virus and anti-spam support. I don't know how good it is though.

    To protect yourself don't post your e-mail or give it to people you don't trust. If you want to subscribe to websites etc, use a different account.

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    I have found that a top hat shaped tinfoil hat deflects spam and is the best known way to block it.
    Goto spamcop.com and abuse.net to find out information on combating spam.

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    Not sure about blocked spam , but here is an award winning recipe for cubed spam . . .


    how should i protect myself from spamming
    In addtion to what nihil suggested, I complain about spam to the service provider of the IP that sent it. Sometimes it even works.

    Learn how to read email headers [1]. And get yourself a good parser [2]


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    There's nothing wrong with a little spam, just remember to have it with some toast, and cheese and ketchup.
    what more can i say...

    Now being serious and all i don't think that they would offer all that stuff, just to spam everyone that signed up.
    Even though it's FREE and all just think if they were sending "SPAM" wouldn't it make them liable or something.....?


    Oh and whom ever negged the Thread Starter may i ask why.?. I didn't seriously see any fault in he's question, give him a break he's a "NEWBIE"..

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