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Thread: cisco erase start problem

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    cisco erase start problem

    Well you all were so good at fixing my NAT problem, I thought I might come back with another problem:

    On the same router as the first problem (cisco 2651xm). I am just trying to get used to cisco commands and learn, so I will config it, then do an "erase start" and reconfig it. Everytime I do an "erase start" and reload the router it comes up with 5 errors:
    %Error opening (tftp):// (Timed out)
    %Error opening (tftp):// (Timed out)
    %Error opening (tftp):// (Timed out)
    %Error opening (tftp):// (Timed out)
    %Error opening (tftp):// (Timed out)

    Then the whole time I am consoled into the router it will periodically flash this error:
    %Error opening tftp:// (Timed out)

    Which is one of the 5 original errors. It does not flash all 5 original errors. Just the one stated above. I had been putting in two seperate commands to fix the problem. The first: "config-register 0x2102" and the second: do a show flash: and then "boot system flash:<paste the filename that was listed from the show flash>

    This was fixing the problem for a while. Now though, it is still happening and those commands won't fix it. Any ideas? Thanks.

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    What's your current config-register status ? 0x2102 boots the config in the nvram where 0x2142 boots into the setup mode and it will deny any config in the nvram at that moment. My assumption it can't find a decent config in its boot sequence and it starts to look for a tftp server and get some configs from there.

    Try to set the register to 0x2142, that way it never tries to find the startup-config and goes directly to the setup-questionaire ...
    If you need to reconfigure that much i'd copy a default config to the startup, reset register to 0x2102, and then only play with the running-config itself. you can erase that one as much as you want, as long as you don't copy the running to startup you'll always end up in a nice default env.

    Hope this helps,

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