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Thread: Making Suse DVD from CD Isos?

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    Making Suse DVD from CD Isos?

    Hi all, Yesterday I downloaded all 5 CD isos of suse 10 oss. Now I want to burn all of them on one DVD rather than spending 5 CDs.

    I tried Manually build a DVD from the CD-Set at http://www.opensuse.org/Making_a_DVD_from_CDs but in vain. Solution given is using linux itself. The problem is I am using Windows XP home (all system specifications are given below). Can this be done in Windows. Using live knoppix is not helpful because it can't write final DVD iso on the NTFS partition. All 5 iso are on c drive.

    My box is:-
    P4 3.2
    512 MB DDR
    160 GB
    |-> c:\ -> 155 GB - 120 GB free (NTFS)
    |-> d:\ -> 5 GB - almost full (Fat32)
    2 months old

    Thanks in anticipation
    - :S:
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    Hi Singh

    Are you trying to make an ISO image to DVD? if so then the WinXP Media Player won't do it, you will need a 3rd party software to do it, like Nero Express or Roxio.

    Nero Express


    There are free versions, but I am not familiar with these.



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    Hi dalek,
    Are you trying to make an ISO image to DVD?
    No 5 ISOs to 1 DVD.
    WinXP Media Player won't do it
    lol, I know you'r kidding... Isn't it.

    I am not asking for the dvd burning software but the method to combine 5 Suse CD ISOs to make 1 Suse DVD ISO.
    I hope you understand the problem now.

    anyway, thanks for your reply.
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    Maybe this helps ?

    I've burned Suse 9.3 Pro 5 CDs onto one DVD, it was pretty easy.
    I did it in windows by using WinRAR. I opened WinRAR and extracted the files to a new dir called Suse.
    Then I extracted each ISO to the same dir. Since the folders were the same it would ask for overwrite but I would say ok. It would not overwrite the existing files except put all the packages into their respective dir's. I would end up with multiple media.1 and media.2 folders, but thats basically how Suse knows what CD you're using.

    Basically now that you have all CDs into your Suse dir, just burn all those files to a DVD. Now when you install Suse, it thinks your DVD is disc 1-5.

    Also, when I did it this way in windows, I ended up having to burn the boot.iso separately, but maybe you can figure out why I had that problem.

    Good luck.

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