Hi all, Yesterday I downloaded all 5 CD isos of suse 10 oss. Now I want to burn all of them on one DVD rather than spending 5 CDs.

I tried Manually build a DVD from the CD-Set at http://www.opensuse.org/Making_a_DVD_from_CDs but in vain. Solution given is using linux itself. The problem is I am using Windows XP home (all system specifications are given below). Can this be done in Windows. Using live knoppix is not helpful because it can't write final DVD iso on the NTFS partition. All 5 iso are on c drive.

My box is:-
P4 3.2
512 MB DDR
160 GB
|-> c:\ -> 155 GB - 120 GB free (NTFS)
|-> d:\ -> 5 GB - almost full (Fat32)
2 months old

Thanks in anticipation
- :S: