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Thread: Horton AV announces avian flu vaccine for Linux

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    Horton AV announces avian flu vaccine for Linux

    "We know that Linux is vulnerable to viruses," claimed Horton AV spokesman Bob Sinister, "but up until now we have been unable to identify any legitimate threats, in spite of our industry's frequent announcements. Avian flu, however, is a serious threat to Linux, due to Linux's close association with penguins."
    Horton AV's quick reaction to President Bush's call and the outbreak has other anti-virus companies scrambling to come up with their own avian flu vaccines for Linux.
    Full story:

    Ok, this is not really security news, but I thought a little humor never hurt, or not.

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    I dont really have anything usual to say here except my last name is Horton... that relates to this thread lol.
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