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Thread: Gates Contributes To Computer Museum

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    Gates Contributes To Computer Museum

    From yahoo.com:

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - The Computer History Museum, the world's largest institution dedicated to preserving Information Age artifacts, is getting a hefty financial boost from one of the biggest names in the computing industry.

    The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has pledged a $15 million gift the museum's largest donation yet, museum officials said. The gift means the Silicon Valley-based museum needs only about $50 million more to reach its $125 million goal of creating a full range of educational programs and exhibits and establishing a long-term endowment.

    "The impact on our society of the computing revolution is simply breathtaking it has changed the way we work, play, learn, and communicate," said Gates, chairman of Microsoft Corp. and the world's wealthiest man. "It's our responsibility to collect the artifacts and stories today that will explain this incredible change to future generations."

    The museum opened in Mountain View in 1996.

    Gates, who began his interest in software and programming computers at age 13, founded Microsoft Corp. in 1975.
    Heh, nice to see him giving money to charities, museums, etc lately.. $15 million seem's mighty generous coming from him. Then again, according to what I know, his foundation donates quite a bit to charity.
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    There are a lot of non-mainstream (hispanic, native american and other) educational programs and institutions that are the recipients of endowments from Bill and Melinda. Their Foundation has funded, or provided major funding for, libraries, schools and programs in economically depressed areas, or rural areas with limitations and challenges regarding access to technology and education.

    Almost anyone can apply for grants from the foundation. Not everything can be funded. Be aware, they are not pushovers and will analyze your application very carefully. If it has merit, it might get funding. BTDT got the t-shirt.

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    Heh, what is 15 million to 51 Billion {Bill's fortune according to MSN.com}, nothing! But it's still thankful gesture .... thatnk you Bill! ....

    Incidentally, why this is posted in the Security News?

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