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Thread: Is it good to use ScanServer?

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    Question Is it good to use ScanServer?

    I am still a little noob....

    I am traing to setup one linux server for remote antivirus/spy scan of computers.
    I found few antivirus and installed on my box now...still need some antispyware for linux...
    But I do not know yet how much computers one scan"server" can manage and if it is good idea to do that?
    windows/linux I think is same for that kind of work.

    Computers that will be scanned will share resources through BootCD.
    Is it good for nonboot shares client computers?

    Mandvira 10.1
    AMD 2.8
    Asroc motherboard.
    -->>running just for "testing", want to know if somebody else do/did like that.
    // too far away outside of limit

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    I'm not sure if there are any anti-spyware progs for linux, i can be wrong though. A google search turned up a whole lotta nothing.

    As far as how many computers one server can manage, I had one for a brief period that did f-prot and clamav scans on the computers every weekend and it handled 7 by monday morning. I didn't really time it though, I just let it run and checked the results on monday morning. I was fairly satisfied with the experience, although it was mainly just me being bored at work and screwing around. I'm sure if you plan it out you can get better results.

    I set mine up with f-prot and clamav on a debian 3.1 base, and it used Samba to to ship everything back and forth. The rest of the pcs consisted of 2 Win2k servers, around 5 Win2kpros, and 3-4 XP computers. It was extremely inefficient but it did what i wanted. nothing really stellar. Plus i was using older hardware, a p3 500mhz with a gig of pc133 in it.

    hope my info somewhat helped

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