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Thread: Infonomicon TV Ep 7

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    Infonomicon TV Ep 7

    This is a little Droop/Irongeek collaboration. Hope you enjoy it. Download it from Droop's site at:


    My first section goes over setting a printer's LCD display to whatever text you like as well as sniffing and replaying a print job. Droops then covers making an old school phone handset for your cell phone. Then it's me again showing how to parse LibPcap dumps from Kismet, Kismac or Wellenreiter in Ethereal, Cain, Dsniff or Ettercap. Then finally, Droops shows how to make a cat5 Ethernet cable. Enjoy.

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    I watch this on rant-tv all the time. Some neat stuff.
    Whats a \"START\" button?

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