I got a message from some obscure, probobly random person on my buddy list, telling me to click here..i know the person the link came from (or at least i think i do)... so i click.. (I have already known by this time that the link is obviously not a real picture, as the IM described) so i choose to save it as a txt... instead of its default .COM.

So its prolly some MS-Dos file. I read the file as txt and cant find much.

Anyone else experience this?

I am going to attach the file as a txt. If you guys check it out maybe you can find a cure. As I was writing this, my girlfriend IMs me saying that she just got the same link, prior to me getting the message, and she opened the file.. which explains why i got the IM in the first place...i am just wondering what else it has done to her computer that she cant see..

BEWARE, dont put this back to .com and run it... it is live... and will do something you dont want it to do.