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Thread: can someone help me get john the ripper to work on winXP?

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    can someone help me get john the ripper to work on winXP?

    im doing a project for my security class and my objective is to get john the ripper to work in windows xp but i cant seem to find any resource on how to the john the ripper to work on windows xp

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    " my objective is to get john the ripper to work in windows xp" - for your security class???

    Lol, thats the lamest peice of S/E ive ever seen!
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    well... its not an "project" its just a side thing im working on... cuz getting john the ripper to work on windows XP isnt that easy

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    Until you give a LOT more details, you'll get squat from here.

    Asking for advice / assistance to utilise 'nasties' in windows is NOT the best way to introduce yourself.

    So, please add as much detail as you can viz-a-vie the whys and wherefores for this 'project' and maybe you'll get some help. Just don't hold your breath ........

    You have given NO details in your profile, so, until you prove yourself, you might have to learn to fly this baby solo
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    You must spread your AntiPoints around before giving it to Nokia again.

    lol - I guess I still don't get the question? Whats hard about typing "john" with the proper switches?

    John the Ripper Version 1.6 Copyright (c) 1996-98 by Solar Designer

    Usage: john [OPTIONS] [PASSWORD-FILES]
    -single "single crack" mode
    -wordfile:FILE -stdin wordlist mode, read words from FILE or stdin
    -rules enable rules for wordlist mode
    -incremental[:MODE] incremental mode [using section MODE]
    -external:MODE external mode or word filter
    -stdout[:LENGTH] no cracking, just write words to stdout
    -restore[:FILE] restore an interrupted session [from FILE]
    -session:FILE set session file name to FILE
    -status[:FILE] print status of a session [from FILE]
    -makechars:FILE make a charset, FILE will be overwritten
    -show show cracked passwords
    -test perform a benchmark
    -users:[-]LOGIN|UID[,..] load this (these) user(s) only
    -groups:[-]GID[,..] load users of this (these) group(s) only
    -shells:[-]SHELL[,..] load users with this (these) shell(s) only
    -salts:[-]COUNT load salts with at least COUNT passwords only
    -format:NAME force ciphertext format NAME (DES/BSDI/MD5/BF/AFS/LM)
    -savemem:LEVEL enable memory saving, at LEVEL 1..3

    There's nothing to get the thing running in XP

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    There are at least two tutorials on this site that give detailed instructions on not only how to use JTR, but how to extract the password hash. Do a search, give them a try, and come back with specific troubles.

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