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Thread: Trillian VS Gaim

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    Trillian VS Gaim

    Note: I searched and did not find any post related to this.

    I've been hearing of these to programs for a while now but I never heared of any preference's. I know that that the have similar options but I never quite got to know the diffrence's. I would like to hear from you (if you use one or both of these programs), why you prefere this program and why. Thats is if its not to much trouble. Thx in advance

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    I used trillian way way way way way back (am almost sure it was in its beta release) and wasn't overly impressed. It was buggy, resource hungry - I didn't like the 'all in one window' layout and it didn't support all the features of the actual dedicated clients (which at that time was pretty much file transfers / avatars) plus i remember hating its emoticon set and the fact it added emoticons into my IRC chats.

    It has prolly came on leaps and bounds since then - and I have a few friends who are dedicated Trillian users. But for me I just dont see the point. I use MSN, sometimes IRC and thats pretty much it. Skype at work for confrence calls, google talk at home to speak to 1 friend in America. So those VoIP clients are only ever opened as needed so they aint running all the time in background.

    Infact only one that normally is running is MSN (and its 50/50 wether I'm set to appear offline or not

    So for someone like me neither, but then as said because of my expereince with the very early versions of these types of multi-client chat progams (mostly trillian) I'm some-what biast

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