User complains he can't print from the networked photocopier, so this IT pilot fish goes to work.

First the photocopier is switched off and on. So is the network print server. Still won't print.

Print services are stopped and restarted on the host server. Attempts are made to reboot the network print server remotely. That doesn't work.

Physical examination of the network cable shows some stretching where the connectors are crimped on. A tester shows a break in the cable. Fish replaces the connector on each end. No joy.

Finally, fish carefully traces the cable along its route.

"We had a problem examining it where it passed behind a vending machine," says fish. "But eventually we managed to move the unit far enough forward to locate the problem.

"It seems that the chocolate chip flapjacks don't always vend properly -- they hang on the spiral dispensing mechanism.

"The accepted solution has been to rock the vending machine until the flapjack drops.

"That's it, rock it back and forth -- right on top of that network cable!"