Support pilot fish gets an urgent request for help from a user via the company's in-house instant messaging system:
User: 5 have a *r6b3e0 - gfs f5xed 0y c60*4ter b4t n6w 0y ca*s 36c2 see0s t6 be *er0anent3y 36c2ed - any s4gget56ns+

Pilot fish: Wanna try that one again in non-l33tspeak?

User: can't

User: st4c2 that way

User: gfs d5d 5t

Pilot fish: Um, you have your num lock on?

User: n6

User: c64rse n6t

Pilot fish: Shift ScrLk

(A pause.)

User: you are just so awesome

User: thanks!!!!!

Pilot fish: LOL!

Pilot fish: You're welcome.