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Thread: [ask] Firewall sample report

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    Question [ask] Firewall sample report

    hello guys, i'm still newbie here.

    I search over google for firewall sample report but only find some report of these firewall (Chekpoint Firewall-1, Nokia IP, ISA Firewall, Norton Personal).

    I only find Checkpoint Firewall-1 complete sample report from internet. but i can't find the others.

    Can somebody help me?i do this for my task in my college, because it's impossible for me to buy them just for knowing what report can be generated by those firewall.Don't have much money.

    Can somebody give me a link or maybe have use them and know what report can be generated?

    Thanks In Advanced


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    Average User Security (Tutorial)

    Below: That will tutor you on the history-types-generations of firewalls and what they are used for.

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