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Thread: proliant 5500 and slackware linux mount problems

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    proliant 5500 and slackware linux mount problems

    Hello, i run a proliant 5500 server with an adaptec raid controller with 8 scsi drives (not sure of the exact model though). Whenever i install slackware i load the raid.i driver and it shows that i have the correct mount and i reformat to linux ext2. It installs and i load linux sucessfully except i have no hd mounted? HELP!!!

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    Did you also select a raid kernel to install after the packages are installed ?
    After it boots you see that there are no disks mounted, I guess you checked with mount.

    Are you sure the information in your /etc/fstab and /etc/raidtab is correct ?

    Did you check the dmesg to see if the disks are properly recognized (you could attach the output of dmesg > dmesg.txt to your reply if you can't find what to look for in the output)..

    Also I'm not quite awake yet and have a hangover so excuse me if I weren't all that helpfull..
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    lol, its somewhat help, im not in front of my server right at this moment but will be in a few days. i know its the way im installing it, cuz i installed it on one of my dell optiplex's without a hitch.

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